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“I know how overwhelming navigating a freelance makeup career can be. More so now than ever in an industry that is constantly changing. I started my journey as a Makeup Artist back in 2012 with almost no formal training...

Since then I have:

  • Worked in London, New York, Milan, Paris, Berlin, Beijing & Tokyo.
  • Assisted 36 of the world’s top Makeup Artist’s
  • Worked backstage on makeup teams at over 275 fashion week shows for over 110 of the worlds leading Fashion Designers, including.... Louis Vuitton, Prada, Versace, Balenciaga, Maison Margiela, Chanel, Dior, Gucci,  Alexander McQueen, Valentino + Vivienne Westwood to name just a few!
  • Keyed 12 Fashion Week shows as Head Makeup Artist in London and Paris.
  • Signed to a major Global Agency.
  • Become a Beauty Editor.
  • Designed the makeup for hundreds of photoshoots published in over 80 fashion magazines worldwide, including 17 front covers.
  • Designed the makeup for countless advertising campaigns and lookbooks.
  • Broken into the Music Industry.

...I created The Makeup Monster to share all my industry knowledge and practical makeup skills so you can achieve this too!”

Clients include -

Publications include -

My mission -

Toconnect, mentor and create long term relationships with artists all over the world.

To build a community full of inspiration and a place for artist's to realise their full potential.
“I love makeup and i LOVE helping people, so teaching the younger generation of Makeup Artist’s is an HONOUR. It brings new found meaning to my career and fills me with so much JOY.

That is why i built a MEMBERSHIP! This is not a one time course where you will find yourself out on your own by the end of it.

The Makeup Monster is a never ending SUPPORT SYSTEM that will be with you every step of the way for as long as you choose to stay here”.

And the BEST part?!

Creating an AFFORDABLE way for new artists to learn was one of my biggest driving forces. I’ve cried far too many tears about being unable to pay my rent to know that freelance artists can’t always afford extortionate education fees!

With my monthly membership option you can come and go as you please. You can cancel at ANYTIME! So if you can only afford to stay for a month that’s totally fine, i'll look forward to welcoming you back later down the line :)

So what can you EXPECT?!

You can expect to see me every single week with fresh new content! You can feel CONFIDENT that you are always being fed the most UP-TO-DATE knowledge, skills and advice.

I am OPEN and HONEST and i refuse to sugar coat the industry or sell you false promises. I teach you the REAL DEAL based on my own experiences that are forever unravelling, as i too, continue to navigate my way up the industry ladder!

The TRUTH is we have to constantly keep LEARNING and ADAPTING to thrive in this industry. There isn’t one course that can set you up for life. Success isn’t created with one large change. It’s the result of lots of small changes that compound over time, and for that our careers need constant NURTURING

That is what you can expect to receive from me. An ongoing MENTORSHIP with no end date.

What will you LEARN?

  • You will learn all of my KIT KNOWLEDGE that has been TRIED AND TESTED as i've worked on red carpets, music videos, fashion campaigns and TV shows with celebrities, musicians and models. 
  • You will learn TECHNIQUES i picked up from Makeup Artist LEGENDS over the years, whilst working backstage at Fashion Week.
  • You will gain an undertsanding of the 360 VIEW on the industry because i leave no stone unturned! I touch upon the hurdles i had to jump over and all the areas in which i encountered a struggle.  I share how i TACKLED it and what i would do differently based on everything i now know. 
  •  But most importantly I help you learn how to train your MINDSET so you have the best chance of achieving your dreams.

One of the most testing parts about being a freelancer is dealing with feelings of uncertainty, disappointment and rejection. Imposter syndrome is common amongst Makeup Artists in an industry that is saturated and where social media makes it’s easy to fall into an endless trap of comparison. 

I dedicate a large portion of The Makeup Monster to providing you with TOOLS to overcome that. There is room for EVERYONE, so as artist’s we can’t let any of those feelings hold us back or drag us down because we are in control our destiny. 

“I’ve mentored 100’s of artists just like you!

Through my teachings I  helped them move their careers in the right direction by providing them the support and resources they were missing.”   

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"I went to makeup school in NYC and people couldn't explain things the way you do."
- Founding Member
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"Lots of insights and techniques that you won't find anywhere else."
- Founding Member
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"I have just graduated from LCF makeup for fashion course and for the whole 3 years I haven't learned as much as I did just by watching your videos!"
- Founding Member

This could be YOU...

“Just wanted to reach out to you and update you on where I’m now at. I’ve been non-stop with work. Every day, I’m approached by 2/3 contacts for either paid work, test shoots, film projects or editorials

Since we spoke last I’ve worked on: 

18 editorials 
3 brand/advertising shoots
2 film projects
1 music video
Too many private client makeups to even remember! 


I’ve been taken on by a huge Hair and Makeup Designer for tv to join her team as a trainee for an ITV production
I honestly don’t think I could have come this far without The Makeup Monster. Not only the technical videos, but also the Monster Mindset videos have been so empowering at a time in my life when I’m really banking on this career working out for me. I’ve decided to go fully freelance after the tv production ends.

Thank you so much for The Makeup Monster!”

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