Crystalling 101

in this video you will learn...

everything there is to know about crystalling! From tips on how to efficiently and quickly create an expensive looking crystal lip to making your own heavy duty custom crystal pieces. Mona Leanne will also teach you about the different kinds of crystals and what to look for and her favourite tools for making crystalling easier.

Products used

  • Swarovski Crystals
  • Preciosa Hotfix + Non Hotfix Flat Back Crystals / Rhinestones
  • Walker Ultra Hold Tape
  • MUF Artist Colour Pencil - Countless Crimson
  • Kiko Sicilian Notes Longlasting Lip Liner - 06
  • MUF Artist Colour Pencil - Any Tangerine
  • Pros-aide Glue
  • PMG Labs Lust 004 - Venom 1, Venom 2, Flesh 2
  • Wax Resin Pencil Tool